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Brandon Nishida-Chiou

Mechanical Engineer – Hardware Engineering

Born and raised in Southern California, Brandon Nishida-Chiou is a dual Taiwanese-American citizen whose first foray into engineering was nanomaterials, primarily inspired by his uncle's love for the natural world and biomimicry. Nurtured by his uncle and other academics in the family, Brandon conducted research and published his first paper at the age of 18 on dye-sensitized solar cells. Brandon's concurrent growing interest for other facets of engineering led him to Olin College, where he dabbled in research at various wet labs and design studios before graduating with a BS in Engineering: Bioengineering. Afterwards, Brandon transitioned to exploring the world of food and wine and worked at a small wine and cheese shop in Cambridge, MA, before deciding to tack on an additional job as a mechanical engineer at Viken Detection. At Viken, Brandon led mechanical development of two programs: Foxhound, a handheld explosives/narcotics trace detector (two patents pending); and a partnership with OptiSolve to commercialize their Pathfinder platform - an environmental hygiene tool used to detect pathogenic contamination. Brandon left Viken in May 2021 to join Synex Medical, and when he isn't working, he is out on a bike ride, experimenting with cellaring wines, or cooking up food with friends.

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