Andrew is a mechanical engineer by trade, having studied at the University of Waterloo. His interests are in both the technical and business side of engineering developments.  During his last few months of university, Andrew, was recruited by Teledyne Dalsa as a lead mechanical engineer developing semi-conductor and digital imaging products. He launched large revenue camera families, such as Genie Nano in 2015 and Linea in 2014. Beyond the scope of his role as a mechanical engineer, in 2016 he was approved by the Teledyne DALSA Executive Team for a budget to pursue his own advanced R&D project, pushing the company into new camera markets and mergers. In 2017, Andrew, worked for IMAX focusing on virtual reality camera development. In a partnering project with Google, he was the mechanical subject matter expert of a VR camera head having 36 camera modules and lens assemblies. His following projects also involved working on the 2D and 3D laser projector systems for movie theatres.  In 2018, Andrew, moved to the West Coast to work at Amazon, to be a part of the first generation Echo Loop device. This product simulates a cell phone in a ring format, released in early 2020 on - exclusively by invite only.  Aside from academia, Andrew also was competitively involved in the rugby and football programs while in school. He joined the U18 Ontario Rugby Team in 2006 and played for the UW Varsity Rugby team in 2007.


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